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Price Statistics

There are currently three ongoing activities within this Section and are as follows:

Consumer Price Index Survey
This survey is conducted on a monthly basis and data is also made available on a monthly basis. The main objective of the survey is to measure consumer price inflation or the change in prices of consumer goods in the country.

Harmonised Consumer Price Index for SADC and COMESA
This is also an ongoing activity for which data is compiled in parallel with the CPI.  The main objective of the HCPI is to have one index for the SADC and COMESA regions respectively as well as to facilitate comparison of indices within these regions through the adoption of one standard of classification and acceptable methods of compilation.  At present, the office submits interim indices to SADC and COMESA secretariat on monthly bases. The first interim HCPI for the COMESA region was released as in January 2011 and thereafter on monthly bases. 

International Comparison Programme for Africa
This project was initiated by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is ongoing.  The main objective of the ICP is to produce Purchasing Power Parities for Africa and for the various economic and trading blocks in the continent.  Since this project started, the office has been able to submit the required data to the AfDB timely. 
The AfDB has launched the 2011 ICP round and it is a full scale survey which commenced in January 2011. Data for the prices survey of the ICP is being   collected in rural and urban outlets for all the twelve months of the 2011 calendar year.