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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The Geographic information System (G.I.S) unit is responsible for collecting, analyzing and managing all geographically referenced data that is collected by the CSO. This unit also liaises with other government departments as well as the private sector that work with spatial data. Available spatial point data in the unit’s database include Schools and health facilities. Polygon data includes Enumeration Areas, Tinkhundla, and Regions. Linear data includes rivers and roads. The unit is also responsible for managing and updating the master sampling frame in terms of the enumeration areas for the country. The last update was done in 2007 for the preparations of the 2007 Population and Housing Census.
The unit is guided by the following objectives.
1. Collection, processing, analysis and management of all geographically referenced data.
2. Production of up to date spatial statistics.
3. Production and maintenance of the master sampling frame.
4. Production of Maps.

Operations of the unit
Apart from Collaborating with other government departments and G.I.S agencies in sharing data, the unit also makes use of Surveys and Censuses by collecting spatial data which is then used for updating the unit’s database. The unit also produces maps and any available spatial statistics as and when requested by users.